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Lip Augmentation London.

   Injectables / fillers for the lips: treatment with fillers to give more volume to the lips is a very popular aesthetic procedure.


Lip Injections London.


Injectables / fillers for the lips: treatment with fillers to give more volume to the lips is a very popular aesthetic procedure.

Restylane ® and Perlane ® can give your lips a more beautiful, fuller shape. Our web pages will provide you with information about the different possibilities, cost and what results can be achieved.

Prices of injectable fillers for fuller lips: Some patients need more filler per zone, others need less. Our prices are fair and simple: we calculate the cost per injection or per product unit.

To make an appointment for lip injections, it is best to contact us by phone.

We try to keep our waiting times as short as possible for lip treatments. We can usually see you within 2 weeks. 

Permanent Vs Temporary


Fuller lips are sensual. A beautiful smile is very attractive.

This is why treatments to enhance the mouth and the lips are very popular.

Enhancing the lips and your smile can significantly improve your facial features. It is really important that you are well-informed about the method and expected results if you are considering this procedure. For this reason a thorough consultation with the doctor is essential.

In principle there are 2 treatment methods for filling the lips:

  • Using an injectable filler for a TEMPORARY effect.
  • Using an injectable filler for a PERMANENT result.

Injecting one lip usually takes 3-15 minutes, depending on the size of the area you want us to treat and your chosen filler.

Perlane ® Lips


Fuller lips – Perlane Lips injectables


  • Perlane Lips give your lips more volume
  • Perlane Lips includes more hyaluron acid
  • Perlane Lip gel is heavier and thicker
  • Perlane Lips for visibly fuller lips



Fuller lips – LipoFilling


  • Making Lips more fuller

Which filler should I choose?


Biological biodegradable fillers & non-biodegradable fillers


We divide the fillers for the lips into two categories: the biodegradable fillers and the non-biodegradable fillers:

1. Biological biodegradable fillers:

Over time these are broken down by the body which means that the effect gradually disappers (between 6 and 18 months). At the Wellness Kliniek we prefer the biological biodegradable injections based on hyaluron gel or calcium hydroxyapatite.

2. Biological non-biodegradable fillers:

Thse are enveloped by the tissue and have a permanent effect.

Temporary fuller lips


The most well-known, modern biological biodegradable fillers for temporary fuller lips are injectables based on a natural substance: Hyaluron acid.

  • Hyaluron is a substance which is found naturally in the body and hydrates the skin. This substance is used in many anti-aging creams.
  • Hyaluron acid makes the skin supple and elastic; it is safe and doesn’t cause any known allergies.
  • Hyaluron injectable gel is a combination of water and hyaluron acid. This is found naturally in the body and is known as the NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor).

There are different brands of hyaluron gels on the market. The most well-known are: Restylane and Perlane:

Restylane and Perlane is hyaluron gel on a natural basis, made using the latest biotechnological principles. By cross-linking within the molecule Restylane and Perlane are made extra strong which prolongs their effectiveness. The substance is totally pure and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

The brand Restylane – Perlane offers 3 types of gel which can also be combined:

  • Restylane: to accentuate the contour of the lips.
  • Restylane Lip: to make the lips fuller.
  • Perlane Lip: to make the lips fuller.

Lip injections can be repeated


The biological biodegradable fillers: RESTYLANE and PERLAN (based on hyaluron) can be administered in precise doses and usually can’t be felt after being injected.

For optimal filling the treatment sometimes needs to be repeated at least once. This can usually be done 3 weeks later. After 6 to 18 months the injectable is absorbed by the body. The result is therefore temporary.

Injections of these fillers can be repeated without any problem. To maintain the effects it is advisable to have a ‘touch-up’  treatment after a certain period of time.

Of course the condition of the skin and lifestyle of the patient will influence the length of time that the effects will last.

Risks, Aftercare and Recovery



After treatment the lips may be red and a little swollen. Sometimes there is a bluish discoloration around the injected area. This can easily be camouflaged with lipstick and disappears in a few days. Most patients return to work immediately after treatment.

With regards to the biological non-biodegradable injections, the choice of materials is extremely important: Even though research has shown that the chance of complications from using biological non-biodegradable fillers, when administered by experienced doctors, is very small, the Dutch Ministry of Public Health takes the view that not enough is known about the long-term risks. The Dutch government has asked cosmetic surgery clinics to stop offering non-biodegradable fillers.

The Wellness Kliniek agrees that fillers such as Dermalive, Artecoll, Aquamid Beautical-5 and Silicone oils (PMS) belong in the past and have been replaced with better and safer products.

Professional doctors believe that there is still a need for permanent fillers. The modern permanent filler Bio-Alcamid in particular is used for important medical applications, such as for treating indentations in the body and the face. Bio-Alcamid is also suitable as a permanent filler to add volume to the lips.


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